Finding meaning in the mundane.

5: the number of Wasabi rice crackers it took Billie eating until the Wasabi caught up to her. 😲

5: the number of Wasabi rice crackers it took Billie eating until the Wasabi caught up to her. 😲


Good Reading

I am currently reading The Kite Runner (finally.) I won’t give anything away in case, like me, you didn’t see the movie and the book’s been sitting on your shelf for a few years, but - can I say about the first pivotal event, wow, was I not expecting that! Damn, Amir, you cold.

I am also listening to Beautiful Ruins, which I am loving. Makes me wish I could take a time-travel vacation to southern Italy in the 1960s, sit on the deck of the Hotel Adequate View, drink wine and smoke cigarettes. Maybe type some pages. (I’d leave my kids with my parents, of course… In the present.)

Next on my reading list is Gone Girl, which I’ve heard such good things about. I can’t decide whether to read it or listen to it, any suggestions?

There is so much to read these days I have to limit myself, or else I would never get anything else done! I’ve mentioned before I’m a big fan of Longreads, I also love Stumbleupon and Sash just introduced me to Flipboard, another rabbit hole one can easily fall into. (And I wonder why my house is always a mess.)

Here are some goodies, hope you enjoy:

East coast estate sells for record $120 million. Ok this is more eye-candy than reading, but still. $120 million??  Jeez, Louise. Who are these people? Did you watch the new Mad Men? I love the east coast/west coast dichotomy. I think it’s funny when east coasters view the west coast as over-tanned, wannabe hippies with no brains. As if they are not shallow on the east coast, with their Grand Estates and hedge funds.

Andrew O’Hagan on Julian Assange. I took this one from Longreads, and to be honest I haven’t read the entire piece, because it’s 26,000 words (a novella, basically.) But I started it and hope to finish it this week. I am intrigued by both men.

 A brief overview of French Kids Eat Everything. This is not a new article (or book) but I read it this week and found it very interesting. It’s from A Cup of Jo and she summarizes the main points of the book, saving me time and money. All makes sense. However, I have yet to wean my kids from snacking (the backseat of my car is permanently stained Goldfish), or convince either of them to try brussel sprouts. But I am trying not to use food as a reward or a bribe. Totally makes sense, we are a nation (a generation?) of emotional eaters, no doubt.

Tips for a clutter-free workspace. Sash sent me this one. Think he’s trying to tell me something?

Family caught between burning car and pride of lions. When I was pregnant with Mila, my car caught on fire south of downtown on the 110, on my way back from LAX with my mum in tow. I hopped out so quickly I didn’t put my flip-flops on. I thought that was bad: barefoot and pregnant, car on fire on the side of the freeway in Inglewood. This is much, much worse.

 Happy reading!

Please don’t grow up. 🙏

Please don’t grow up. 🙏





Everyone who reblogs this will get the title of a book to read based on their bio/posts.

Everyone. I mean it.




they really do mean everyone

How could I resist?


I am trying to overcome a lifelong habit of procrastination.

To slay the dragon, as Steven Pressfield says, and do my Work. 

I have found some incredible resources online, tools for my battle. I started reading articles, signing up for newsletters, downloading ebooks.

The problem, is, there are so many good resources out there, that reading about how to stop procrastinating has now become a form of procrastination. 


… and the battle rages on.

Pre-pizza cereal. Miss you @robynshinn 💞

Pre-pizza cereal. Miss you @robynshinn 💞


What Did This One Do?

I am on the fence about poetry.

There are poems I love - epic, timeless, soul speakers -

This Is Just To Say

Sunday Morning

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Where the Sidewalk Ends

- but there are just so damn many bad poems in the world, it’s hard. I can’t flat out say “I love poetry!” the way I love Tom Robbins books, HBO Programming, or Marlborough region Sauvignon Blancs. (Or french fries. I LOVE french fries.)

But. I do love the written word, down to my bones. So I plow ahead. I get a Poem-A-Day email from and to be honest, most of them I skim and delete without much more than a, “meh.”

This one landed in my inbox a couple weeks ago and it stuck with me. It is not especially beautiful or original (how pretentious! - as if I am in any position to judge), but the image struck me, I thought I would share.

I hope you like it.

Sky Burial

by Ron Koertge

Q. You’re Such a Disciplined Writer. Were You Always That way? 

A. When I was in graduate school, I worked part-time at a local library. I ran the used bookstore in the basement. The money came in handy. There was plenty of time to study. 

I learned to know the regulars who talked about living with pain and waiting for bland meals to be delivered. 

One sweltering afternoon I read about Tibetan body breakers who dismember corpses with their hatchets and flaying knives so the vultures will have an easier time. 

I imagined my own body and the monks asking, “What did this one do?” And the answer would be, “Not much.” As the hand I could have written with flew away from the wrist.



Finally feels like summer is coming this week! We’re in the golden pocket, before the real heat sets in and makes life miserable for east-siders with no AC. We are taking full advantage: this weekend we had a picnic in the park, planted flower seeds in our garden (“what kind of flowers?” my dad asked; “blue flowers,” we replied), dug for treasure in Scout’s back yard, romped in the roses and rode the train at Descanso Gardens. 

Off to the zoo this afternoon and when we get home, Daddy will be here. Great celebrations shall ensue. I will probably cry.

"I can’t WAIT to show daddy my new sunglasses."

What did you get up to this weekend?


Saturday night, gettin wild…  @robynshinn @mtshinn @rockbonham

Saturday night, gettin wild… @robynshinn @mtshinn @rockbonham


Oh, Monday. Always full of promise, and yet always dragging your feet…

We had a very mellow weekend. Mila was sick yesterday. She woke up with fever breath and heavy eyes, and although she really wanted to go to ballet and see Scout, she gave in pretty quick, a sure sign of illness. She told me her head hurt when she moved, so I gave her some ibuprofen and we settled into the bed - the three of us gals - to watch Frozen. Again. That damn song has been stuck in my head for like 3 weeks now. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to let it go. (Badda-boom.) Billie woke up singing it this morning. Her version goes like this: “Letigo, letigo, letigo, maw.” (Repeat.) If I could get her wee voice stuck in my head, I’d be ok. But I have the full Disney musical version running on a loop (seriously - I wake up in the night and it’s still fucking going) - and it’s driving me bananas. I mean, I’m saying things like driving me bananas, a sure sign of losing it.

Come on Tuesday, help me out.